An New York-based firm developing Innovative Products for the
Financial Services Industry.

About IMEX

Over a century of combined experience in all facets of the Financial Services Industry.

The Company's strategy and leadership team consists of highly accomplished entrepreneurs and seasoned executives with depth of knowledge that is unmatched in the industry. Members of our team are often called upon to participate in a variety of industry symposia and regulatory conferences. We are dedicated to our success and committed to high standards of responsibility and ethics.


Years of Experience


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Five Products Under Development.
One Patent Pending.

Our Flagship Product, IBank will dramatically change the way global payments are made.

The IBank and the DUET Network are a Community of Consumers, Merchants and Businesses from around the world. The Patent Pending process of the IBank allows its members to seamlessly exchange value, in any currency, instantly and efficiently, by eliminating most of the needless and costly steps required by traditional Remittance, Payment and Disbursement processing systems.

We took a different approach to solving the problem of moving money efficiently around the world in different currencies. We also understood that money moves in circles, not in straight lines. What, exactly, does that mean? Well, simply this; it moves from person to person, person to business, business to business and business to person. And then process goes around again - in a circle. So we decided, why build just a "Payment" system or just a "Transfer" system or just a "Disbursement" system. Why not build a Financial Ecosystem that can do all of those things - and do them more efficiently.
That's when the idea for IBank was born.


Innovation Without Disruption

The new buzzword going around the business world is "Disruptive". Some think that in order to have innovation you need disruption - turn things upside down and inside out in order to have meaningful, positive change. In some cases, that may be necessary - but not all innovation has to be disruptive. Our methods are very straightforward: Innovation without Disruption.

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Updates & Insights

IBank represents a new era of banking

IBank is a cloud-based virtual ‘bank” that allows users to Deposit, Exchange and Redeem the world’s major currencies, Instantly, Securely, at no cost other than the prevailing exchange rate when applicable. Over 2 billion working people globally have no access to essential banking services. IBank provides basic banking through a global network of merchants acting as IBank “branches”. To learn more, watch the IBank video by pressing the play button to the right.


Banking where it's needed most.