IMEX is a technology company that is leading the way in developing a broad range of innovative products for the Financial Services industry. The tone for our mission of creating measurable and meaningful value for our customers is set by our management team of driven and talented executives with combined experience of over 100 years in the industry. We are committed to a global marketplace and seek to partner with like-minded companies who share our vision to provide the best products and services. We are dedicated to our success and committed to high standards of responsibility and ethics. We take great pride in being a leader and innovator in our industry. That kind of dedication comes from one quality: Passion.


Most companies use these same words when describing their Values; "Integrity", "Customer Satisfaction", "Teamwork", etc. We felt it was more important to go a bit deeper to explain how we work and what drives us as a company.

Build Trust

For us, this is Job #1. Someone once said, "When you make a promise, you build hope; when you keep it, you build trust." It's a relatively simple principle but it covers a lot of territory; and it is the foundation of our remaining values.

Don't Disrupt - Innovate

The word “disruption” is heard quite often. In fact, disruption has become one of the most overused words in the business world - particularly in our industry. But what does it really mean? By definition, "disruption" isn't a positive term. Some seem to think that in order to have positive change you need to turn things upside down and inside out. The truth is, we see a lot of disruption but very little in the way of positive change - particularly for the vast majority of people that could use a little positive change in their lives. Our mission is simple: Innovation that makes a difference.

Be Empathetic

This is another principle that covers a lot of territory. Most entrepreneurs just want to "fix things" and often end up creating solutions to problems that never existed in the first place. This is where empathy plays a big part: Seeing the world through the eyes of another. Putting yourself in another's shoes and making their problem your problem. Being Empathetic helps us to create more useful and meaningful products.

Nuture & Inspire

Our company was founded by talented people with decades of industry experience. We use that experience to lead through teamwork, creativity and sound business management. But we won't be around forever - so it is also our responsibility to mentor and inspire those in our organization that will ultimately follow in our footsteps.

Pay It Forward

"Pay It Forward" is not a new concept, in fact, it has been around for over 100 years. Some companies call it "Community Service". Basically, what it means is, when a debt is too large to pay back you pay it forward by giving another the same benefit. The "large debt" being the gifts many, but not all of us, have benefited from over the centuries. Time to "Pay It Forward" to the many that have been left behind.

The IBank Story

The IBank Network is a Community of Consumers, Merchants and Businesses from around the world. The Patent-Pending process of IBank allows its members to seamlessly exchange value, in any currency, instantly and efficiently, by eliminating most of the needless and costly steps required by traditional Remittance, Payment and Disbursement processing systems. We took a different approach to solving the problem of moving money efficiently around the world in different currencies. We also understood that money moves in circles, not in straight lines. What, exactly, does that mean? Well, simply this; it moves from person to person, person to business, business to business and business to person. And then process goes around again. IBank isn't just a Payment, Money Transfer or Disbursement system. IBank is a Financial Ecosystem that can do all of those things - and do them more efficiently. IBank is the New Standard in Banking.


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